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Learn to bet on soccer and win money

Perhaps you have already been curious about how soccer betting works, or even imagined that this type of betting is only related to trying to guess who won a match. But keep in mind that there are countless possibilities that vary depending on the sport or championship.

All about football betting

Those who want to start betting on soccer can opt for the basic modality, which is nothing more than starting by making simple guesses such as choosing the winner of a match. For those who are not yet familiar with online betting, it is worth starting with the simplest and, little by little, getting to know the most varied types of betting.

Different modalities of soccer bets

For both the professional and the beginner, there are different options for betting on soccer matches. Meet and learn how it works.

Bet 1×2

This is one of the most popular betting formats. The dynamic is very simple: you have to guess who will be the winner of the match or if there will be a draw. In each result, different benefits will be quoted. For those who want to start betting online this is a good modality.

Draw voids bet

Draw voids bet

Known as “dnb bets” (English term for “draw no bet”), this bet is one of the modalities in soccer where the winner of the game is chosen and, in case of a tie, the bet is canceled and the money is returned. It is a type of basic bet that prevents risks.

Double chance

This type of bet represents, as the name suggests, a “double chance”. The bettor throws his chips on two of the three possible outcomes of a match. For example: victory of the home team or tie, and win in case of success in any of these possibilities. It also offers less chance of risk, but in return, the return on profit is not as attractive.

Range Betting/Final Result

This modality allows you to bet on the result of the first or second half of the game. The idea here is to decide who will be the winner of the first or second half, and you can combine the two results. In other words, in this type of multiple bet, in which the prize is higher, you have to hit both parts of the game to win.

Both teams score

This type of bet allows you to bet your chips on the possibility that both teams will score goals, regardless of the win or draw, it only establishes the forecast that both teams will score in the match. The return of this type of bet is certain.

Approximately 2.5 goals

It refers to the number of goals that the teams will score in a match. Here the bettor has to indicate if the teams will score more or less than 2 goals in the game.

Future bet

This is one of the sports betting modalities preferred by sports fans. It is not limited to the end of a game, but to a tournament. Bet on who will be the champion. The chances of winning are higher in cases of surprising bets, either at the beginning or during the championship.

Live betting

This mode, also known in English as “live bet” or “in-play betting” is one of the most attractive and dynamic. The initial odds are set by the house and then the odds are adjusted throughout the game. Example: the team is behind in the score, so the chances of winning will be higher.

Bet against the public

Bet against the public

In English, this type of bet is known as “fade the public” or “betting against the public”. That is exactly what the name suggests, bet against the majority and, in case of success, the profit is greater. Imagine in this case, for example, the 2018 World Cup final between France and Croatia!

Accumulator bet

Also known as “parlay”, this is another of the most lucrative soccer betting modalities. The bettor must make at least two different guesses and both must be accurate to guarantee victory. This type of bet depends on two different events, so the odds are usually higher.

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