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How To Become A Casino Dealer?

If you are looking for a career change, or are looking to start a new and exciting career, consider becoming a dealer in the casino industry. It’s an unusual profession that can be a lot of fun, and there are plenty of opportunities for advancement. So, if you’re ready to make a cool change in your life – read on to find out everything you need to know about starting a career as a croupier!

Who is a croupier?

The main task of the croupier – is to organize the gameplay in the casino so that sitting on the opposite side of the gaming table remains satisfied even if you lose. After all, he came to the casino for pleasure and positive emotions, and the purpose of the croupier – to ensure this. Croupier deals cards, collects chips, explains the rules of the game, and maintains a conversation with the client. The work schedule is selected individually. Usually, it is an 8- or 12-hour shift with a 20-minute rest

As professional employees, dealers are expected to know perfectly the rules of the establishment in which they work and be able to answer any questions from visitors, even though, as a rule, this is not part of their direct duties – this is done by hostesses. Croupiers are mostly responsible for collecting bets, paying out winnings, and keeping track of chips. It is important that croupiers maintain a professional attitude at all times and strictly follow the rules of the establishment.

 How to become a croupier and what qualifications are required?

Casino Dealer

Knowledge of the games is a basic requirement for the croupier profession, but this alone is not enough to be successful in everyday working life. And the dealer must know about casino games much more than the average gambler at the Bizzo Casino. A croupier needs a very good short-term memory to be able to keep track of all bets quickly, and they must be able to perform arithmetic operations in their mind to pay out the correct amount to the winners – mistakes here can quickly cost thousands of euros. Several schools train you to be a croupier.

How do I get an interview at a casino?

The first step to becoming part of a casino is to find a relevant job opening and submit your resume. You’ll need at least a basic knowledge of gaming, so it’s best to read up on the subject and practice at home before you interview and then apply for the position. You’ll also need to pump up your quick information processing skills beforehand, and then demonstrate at the interview that you can handle the high stress and workload that awaits you at the casino. If all goes well and you are accepted, you will likely be sent to undergo specialized dealer training courses, where you will be taught everything you need to know, including the rules and regulations of all kinds of gambling activities. Among other things, some establishments require croupiers to have special licenses or certificates. 

What skills or character traits make a person successful in this career?

Casino Dealer

As a good dealer, you must have excellent customer service skills. You must be able to communicate effectively with your customers, and competently resolve, and ideally prevent, any disputes and conflicts that may arise during the games. Patience and loyalty are also very important, as there may be times when your customers won’t understand the rules or will get too frustrated by failures – you must be able to find an approach to them at such times.

Are there any challenges or disadvantages to working in the casino industry?

Working in the gambling industry can be interesting and lucrative, but certain disadvantages come with the peculiarities of this industry. You have to realize that working with people is never easy, and with people who have come to relax and have fun (read “do whatever they can think of”), it is doubly difficult. In addition, gambling houses, including online casinos, work outside the normal schedule – you will have to go out on night shifts, and spend on your feet for twelve hours a day, or the whole day. Finally, as a dealer in a land-based establishment, you’re likely to be exposed to secondhand smoke from other customers, which can cause health problems over time.

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